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Bush dines in vicinity of Clinton ex-girlfriend

SHARE Bush dines in vicinity of Clinton ex-girlfriend

While President Bush dined at Antoine's in New Orleans' French Quarter on Monday night, Gennifer Flowers, who once had an affair with Bill Clinton, was trying to lure customers in to see her nightclub singing act across the street.

Flowers and her husband, Finis Shellnut, opened a nightclub called Gennifer Flowers Kelsto Club, in late November. The name pays homage both to a president's ex-girlfriend and to the original Kelsto Club, which operated at the St. Louis Street spot between World War I and World War II.

The club has a casual setting, no cover charge and no schedules. Flowers sings when she feels like it and sits at the bar most nights, greeting customers.

In a recent interview with The Times-Picayune, Flowers said she has no problem if customers are attracted to the club because of her recent fame across tabloid pages.

"If you want to come see me because you're curious, that's fine, but when you leave you will say, 'That girl can sing.' "