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Coming to theater? Leave baby home

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Someday the Parkers will remodel or even build a new theater, and someday they will have a glass-enclosed crying room, says Tom Parker, president of the board of directors of Children's Theater of Salt Lake. In the meantime, they post a sign in the lobby telling patrons that babies are not admitted.

When the theater first opened, lots of patrons showed up with babies. "The more we work on it, the less it is a problem," Parker says. Occasionally, now, someone will come in with a sleeping baby. Inevitably, the baby wakes and the parent paces with the infant in the lobby. In these cases, the Parkers offer free tickets so the patrons can return.

Parker understands why parents might be reluctant to leave a child with a sitter, but other people in the audience have paid a lot of money to see the show, he points out. The Parkers like to quote Brigham Young, who had a sign posted in the old Salt Lake Theatre that said, "Babes in Arms, Ten Dollars Extra." At today's ticket prices, they figure the charge to bring a baby into their theater should be about $150.