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Mistaken nationalism

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In case your dog has chewed up today's comic section and you are in need of a laugh, find the forum titled "Euro a new world ploy" (Forum Jan 14) and read that.

Usually such letters don't merit a response, but I couldn't resist. Mr. Hoffstetter claims the euro, put into circulation this year, a financial move ratified by over one dozen sovereign European countries, is the foundation of a conspiracy. He claims, with America soon to follow in accepting the euro, the move to melt down America would be much easier.

Those who have been to any economics class, traveling and exchanging money through Europe, or even know basic European history will realize the less conspiracy-laden reasons for the region to accept one currency. This mistaken nationalism, bordering on xenophobic remarks flown under the flag of love of country, do not protect liberty and most certainly don't win allies overseas.

In my recent travels, I have come across many who wonder at Americans' unfounded fascination at conspiracy. I usually have to explain to my friends that it is due to Americans' general apathy to all events overseas that they have a token general interest in at best.

Tyler Cole

Salt Lake City