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Take time to create family fun

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Got a few minutes for creative family fun? Whether you're in the kitchen, family room or outside, there's always time for using your imagination. With just a few everyday items, art supplies or junk-drawer finds, the imagination of kids and adults together can work its magic in a flash. Pick one of these activities and see!

Pop-up toast art

Pour 1 tablespoon of milk into a small bowl. Stir in a few drops of food coloring. Dip a clean paintbrush into the colored milk and paint simple pictures on slices of bread. (Day-old bread works best.) Toast the bread and watch your art pop up. Butter lightly and eat.

Light up a shade

Use a nontoxic black marker to outline a design or picture directly on the outside of a white fabric lampshade. Fill in the lines and complete the picture using nontoxic colored markers. Top your lamp with the unique, colorful shade and let your creativity shine.

Rock gallery

Collect several smooth rocks. Color one side of each with bright crayons. Place rocks color-side-up on a cookie sheet and let an adult place the tray in the oven for two or three minutes at the lowest temperature. The heat will warm the rocks and melt the designs into beautiful images. Let them cool and then polish with a soft cloth.

The great flying machine

Roll down the sides of a paper lunch bag all the way to the base of the bag until it is flat. Use markers, stickers or paint to decorate it. Launch the wild saucer into the air like a flying disc and let it soar.

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