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Enron developments

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Developments involving the energy company Enron Corp.:

— The auditor fired for destroying documents in the Enron Corp. affair is laying the blame squarely on his accounting firm, Arthur Andersen LLP, telling congressional investigators he was just following advice from its lawyers.

— A handful of lawmakers who owned Enron stock held onto it after the company declared bankruptcy, erasing nearly the entire value of their investment. Some lawmakers were fortunate to sell before the collapse.

—Before Enron filed for bankruptcy, White House economic adviser Larry Lindsey studied the potential economic impact of a collapse and found that it would not hurt U.S. and global markets, the White House says. Lindsey served previously on Enron's board of directors.

—Arthur Andersen auditor David Duncan, who led the Enron account, knew in August that an Enron whistle-blower was warning about the company's financial practices, congressional investigators say.

—Arthur Andersen takes out a full-page ad in national newspapers that lists steps the firm has taken to correct problems concerning its handling of the Enron account.

—Samson Investment Co. sues Andersen, accusing it of fraud and negligence in the collapse of Enron. Samson says it relied on Andersen's "grossly misleading" audits while making natural gas purchase contracts with Enron.