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Torchbearers from all walks of life

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Michael J. Heal

Michael J. Heal, bishop of the Farmington 3rd Ward, Farmington New Mexico Stake and police chief of the City of Aztec, was selected to run in the Olympic torch relay on Feb. 4th or 5th in southern Utah.

He was nominated for his efforts in community service that include eating lunch with the senior citizens most Thursday afternoons., starting a Citizens Police Academy, assisting with city parades, leading the high school football team across town to home games, and being involved with the Special Olympics activities.

Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson, of the Binghampton Ward, Tucson Arizona Stake, has been selected to carry the Olympic torch Jan. 12 in Albuquerque, N.M. She is a freshman at the University of Arizona where she is a member of the women's soccer team.

The youngest of six children, Heather was recognized for her leadership on the field and her sense of teamwork.

Travis Stuart

Travis Stuart of the Salinas 1st Ward, Monterey California Stake, dreamed of competing in the Olympics and excelled in several track and field events as a youth. That dream took a different course after filling a mission and returning to BYU and getting married. His desire to influence youth for good took him to Salinas, Calif., where he coaches high school cross country and track and field teams and teaches health. He was nominated for working "tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of his students" by helping them learn the value of exercise, following sound dietary practices and sexual abstinence. He will carry the torch Jan. 17.

Gayle Menlove

Gayle Menlove of the Greenhill Ward, Meridian Idaho Stake, has been selected to carry the Olympic torch in Meridian, Idaho, on Jan. 25th.

A thyroid cancer patient, she was chosen because of her example of selflessness, acts of kindness and demonstrations of love.

Lyle Godfrey

Lyle Godfrey, bishop of the Moreland 6th Ward, Blackfoot Idaho Northwest Stake, will carry the Olympic torch Jan. 26 in Fort Hall, Idaho. He was nominated for the profound influence he has had over the youth of the Church as a seminary teacher for 35 years. He was diagnosed three years ago with colon cancer for the second time, having survived cancer 10 years earlier.

Jason Davis

Jason Davis of the Baker Ward, Denham Springs Louisiana Stake, carried the Olympic torch Dec. 9, 2001, in Baton Rouge, La. He was nominated for his uplifting personality, willingness to serve and his ability "to find humor in everything."

Noretta Welch Watts

Noretta W. Watts of the Colorado Springs 11th Ward, Colorado Springs East Stake, inspired by Paralympic athletes of the 1996 games in Atlanta, will carry the torch Jan. 31 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

An active participant in tennis, snow skiing, scuba diving and most other outdoor activities, Sister Watts lost her left leg due to complications following knee surgery to repair ligament damage in 1994. She is serving her fourth year as president of the Colorado Springs Amputees In Motion support group.

Mike Parson

Mike Parson, serving in the Arcadia California Stake presidency and director of the institute near the University of Southern California, will carry the Olympic torch in Los Angeles on Jan. 15.

He was a member of the U.S. Paralympic Team who competed in 1988 in Seoul, Korea.

Michael Waggoner Sr.

Michael Waggoner Sr., of the Kaysville 13th Ward, Kaysville Utah East Stake, will carry the Olympic torch Jan. 31 in Colorado Springs, Colo. He was nominated by Lucent Technologies as an outstanding employee, and for his efforts as an Olympic volunteer.

Dale Hull

Dale Hull of the Highland 3rd Ward, South Jordan Utah Highland Stake, will carry the Olympic torch in Salt Lake City in early February. After suffering a broken neck in a trampoline accident in 1999 and rendered totally paralyzed, Brother Hull has been blessed by the power of faith and prayers of his family and friends to regain much of his mobility to the point of walking with minimal assistance of a cane.

Judy Hoffman Korth

Judy Hoffman Korth, 44, of the Iona 6th Ward, Iona Idaho Stake, will carry the torch Jan. 26 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Sister Korth was chosen because of her constant inspiration to others to be their best selves. She is known by friends to reach out to others whether in her family and ward or in her community. A recreational runner, she has also run hundreds of miles raising money for charitable organizations.

Angela Wilcox

Angela Wilcox is a member of the Sparks 10th Ward, Sparks Nevada Stake. Her parents, Kelly L. and Robbie Wilcox, nominated her because of her enduring spirit. Despite being handicapped, she is a part-time coach for Special Olympics, a participant in downhill skiing for the Special Olympics, and she has been a dedicated employee at a grocery store for the past seven years.

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson is a member of the Great Falls 4th Ward, Great Falls Stake. He was nominated by a mother and daughter he met while visiting the Grand Canyon. The women were on a hike and realized they wouldn't be able to get out of the canyon by dark. Brother Johnson carried their packs and helped them finish the hike safely. He was also nominated by his daughter.

Susan Kohler Greenwell

Susan K. Greenwell is a member of the Glenmoor 2nd Ward, South Jordan Utah Glenmoor Stake. She was nominated by her husband, Cory Greenwell because of the service that she provides to others. In the nomination Brother Greenwell said his wife was more service oriented and giving than anyone he knows.

Alvin Robert Cole

Bob Cole of the Fox Pointer Ward, Bingham Creek Stake, is a survivor of a heart attack and is battling cancer and gout. He was nominated for his service as a Boy Scout Leader for 25 years.

Elia Ware

Elia Ware of the North Park 4th Ward, Provo Utah North Park Stake, was nominated for her strength of spirit. She battles daily with severe arthritis, but continues to teach. She was awarded Utah teacher of the Year.

James Thomas

James Thomas carried the Olympic torch through Alexandria, Va., Dec. 21. He is a member of the Burke Ward, Annadale Virginia Stake. He was nominated by his daughter because he strives to do all his normal activities, like riding his bicycle, even though he suffers Multiple Sclerosis.

George E. Freestone

George E. Freestone is 103 years old and the oldest torch bearer. He is a member of the Tempe 1st Ward, Tempe Arizona Stake. He was nominated for his many accomplishments, including being designated the oldest living Boy Scout in America.