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I am bemused when people talk about the energy crisis in California and propose our only option for future energy needs is oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Drilling for a very small amount of oil in Alaska is not the answer.

I do not understand why such projects as drilling are proposed and the obvious matter of automobile efficiency is completely ignored. An example of America's blindness is seen in the increasing amount of SUVs.

At any time on the road, about half of the vehicles being driven are SUVs. These gas-guzzling machines are too inefficient. Some of these cars get only 10 miles to the gallon. Even more appalling is that most of the time there is but one passenger in these monsters.

Before we trample on precious ecosystems, we should think about raising gas efficiency standards, carpooling and maybe even buying a car that is not, in most cases, an unnecessary polluting toy.

Mark Garbett