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Will we ever be tolerant?

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I was fortunate enough to attend the premiere of "The Laramie Project" at the opening of the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 10. This was a touching movie promoting unmistakable messages, most importantly tolerance and love.

The reason I am writing this letter is to ask, why did the message seem to slip past a majority of the audience? In the movie, reference was made to the fact that one of the killers of Matthew Sheppard was an inactive Latter-day Saint. After he pleaded guilty to first degree murder, and after the judge stated that the killer did not show remorse, it was stated that the LDS Church had excommunicated the killer. The audience laughed, like this was "typical" of the LDS faith, and even that it was uncalled for.

Let me pose this question to you: Would any religion condone and support a person who had committed such a horrific crime on a human being? Why then is it funny that the LDS Church condemned him, just as many religions would? In a state that is "insensitive" and "intolerant" to other religions, it seems that stereotypes and intolerance have turned the tables. We are all brothers and sisters trying to co-exist. Will we ever truly be tolerant of each other?

Amy Thomas