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Graduation prayers OK

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There has been a lot of controversy over the subject of prayer at graduation. I believe that banning prayer at graduation would be an infringement of the amendment permitting freedom of religion.

Our nation's motto is "In God We Trust," and after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, President Bush asked America to pray for our fellow Americans and our country. That day, many prayers were offered in a lot of public places, including schools. Church and state are not completely separated in the United States, and it is depriving many students of their right to practice religion freely if they are not allowed to pray at graduation ceremonies. Of course, students should not be forced to pray, but students should definitely have the option.

Our country's Constitution has worked for more than 200 years. We have more religious liberty in the United States than any other country in the world. I hope that prayers at graduation will continue to be allowed and everyone will remember that it is "In God We Trust."

Berkeley Kershisnik