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Olympic Square don’ts

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The Salt Lake Organizing Committee Web site www.saltlake2002.com lists these things as prohibited in Olympic Square:

Ambush marketing (pretending to be a Salt Lake 2002 sponsor, supplier or licensee) or sale of counterfeit goods

Animals (except service animals)

Balls, Frisbees and similar items


Broadcast and lighting equipment of entities other than rights-holding broadcasters, and use of such equipment

Broadcasting through the use of cellular phones or other transmitting devices

Commercial videotaping and still photography (Photography and videotaping for personal use is allowed.)

Dangerous, disruptive behavior or behavior that disturbs spectators

Devices capable of causing a disturbance, such as horns, trumpets and lasers

Display of commercial or unauthorized signage, including corporate branding

Flags larger than 6-by-3 feet of nonparticipating countries

Flash photography during some events

Food and beverages, including alcohol (Some venues will sell alcoholic beverages, but it will not be sold at the Medals Plaza.)


Glass or cans

Large bags, backpacks or containers, such as coolers (You may bring in a small bag no larger than 10-by-12-by 6 inches.)

Poles longer than 3 feet

Recording of Medals Plaza concerts

Scooters, skateboards or skates

Skis or snowboards

Smoking, except in designated areas

Strollers and sleds

Use of two-way radios

Unauthorized collection of money

Unauthorized commercial activity (e.g., hawking, ticket resale)

Unauthorized entry to restricted areas

Unauthorized fliers, brochures or shirts with promotional material

Use of an umbrella in a seating area

There are no coat checks or storage facilities at any of the Salt Lake 2002 venues, so restricted items may have to be deposited in trash receptacles or returned to your personal vehicle.