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Legacy Lodge Stadium Club

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If you?re excited about the Olympics, but not too happy about the price of a ticket... there?s a great way for you to feel like you have a front row seat.

It?s the Legacy Lodge Stadium Club at Park City Mountain Resort.

News Specialist Karen Scullin tells us what it?s all about.

Imagine watching the thrill of the Olympic Downhill Competition in Snowbasin ... but without your teeth chattering or your fingers turning numb.

In fact the Legacy Lodge Stadium Club at Park City Mountain Resort is the warmest and probably the cheapest way to view Olympic events as they happen.

"Fill your plates, get your tummys full and take a look at the Olympic scheduling and say 'hey, hockey?s on in about 45 minutes, let?s just find a cozy little seat over here,' " said Michelle Palmer, Park City Mountain Resort.

There will be television sets hanging just about everywhere.

You won?t ever have to miss a thing, and there are NO commercials.

"It is straight, live, raw footage so it?s just as good as having a ticket in the arena, if you?re watching hockey or skating or downhill or whatever it might be, it?s truly just like being there," said Palmer.

Only in a way, it?s better.... because in the stadium club...you get to see many of the athletes...up close.

"Also with all the athletes coming in here, we?ll have special autograph sessions and a lot of other things, we?re also talking about doing some raffles, lots of giveaways," Palmer said.

There?s a full range of non-alcoholic beverages...but if an alcoholic drink goes well with your favorite event...no problem.

There will be cash bars scattered downstairs...

And upstairs the large Legacy Bar.

"Kinda the best kept secret is over here, let me show you this," Palmer said.

It?s a view from the Stadium Club window or porch... that keeps you ?in the know.?

"Not only can you see the scoreboard here, but you can see the top of the giant slalom course," she said.

The Stadium Club is ideal for Olympic Fans to experience the games first hand. At a party where the world is welcome.

The Stadium Club is open on days where there are no Olympic competitions going on at Park ? City, that amounts to eleven days. And it will be open every ? night during the Olympics.

The cost is twelve dollars for adults, and six dollars for children...food and drinks are extra.