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Rush Limbaugh regains some of his hearing

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Radio host Rush Limbaugh, who underwent surgery last month to restore a sudden loss of hearing due to an autoimmune disorder, has regained enough hearing in one of his ears to converse with doctors and family members, his brother said Friday.

"I was sitting in the lobby of the Willard Hotel in Washington and I get a call and it's Rush and he goes: 'David! David!' I was too dumbfounded to answer. I hadn't spoken to him for months!" Limbaugh's brother told radio host John Gambling on New York City-based WABC-AM Friday.

"He told me to talk slow. He had no problem. He heard everything I said," David Limbaugh told Gambling, adding that Rush Limbaugh had regained a significant amount of the hearing in his left ear thanks to a "cochlear implant" hearing aid device that was inserted during a two-hour surgery in Los Angeles last month.

Rush Limbaugh, 50, shocked his listeners in October when he announced on the air that he was "for all practical purposes, deaf."