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‘Tron’ DVD thought-provoking

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For video game-playing fans, it's hard to beat "Tron," a "Fantastic Voyage" meets "Frankenstein" type of movie.

Game designer Flynn (Jeff Bridges) ends up miniaturized inside a computer, in a virtual-reality fight against a Master Control Program trying to take over the world. But what seems to annoy Flynn even more is that the Master Control Program won't release a file that proves that he, and not his nemesis — the software pirate Dillinger (David Warner), created the game that brought Dillinger what should have been Flynn's big success.

Now in a 20th Anniversary Edition release, the movie is quaint in some ways but compelling in others. The games that Flynn ends up playing in his battle to get to his digital enemy are simple by today's standards. The action is occasionally slow and clunky, and the character triangle lacks development.

But the ideas and the dialogue still fascinate — the computer that wants control over its human designers; the "programs" that look up to their creators, whom they call "users"; the difference in perspective on each side of the screen. In one of these moments, the heroic program, Tron (Bruce Boxleitner), tells Flynn: "If you are a user, then everything you've done has been according to a plan, right?"

Flynn explains: "Ha, ha, ha, you wish! Well, you guys know what it's like. You just keep doing what it looks like you're supposed to be doing no matter how crazy it seems."

The DVD includes deleted scenes and "The Making of Tron," a documentary, in its two-disc set.

But the best part of "Tron" is the way it gets kids thinking about the future. To what extent do we live our lives as "programs" or "users"? What is our responsibility to what we create? Are there some things we shouldn't create? Tron may not have the answers, but it does pose good questions.