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News’ view is not right

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In a recent editorial the Deseret News took the position that officers need not have a warrant to remove children from a home in which abuse is suspected. This opinion was contrary to that of the people of Utah, as expressed in a recent survey. The Deseret News is wrong in its position, and the people are right.

The practice of removing children from their parents without a warrant is a clear and flagrant violation of the 4th and 14th amendments to the U. S. Constitution.

I have personally witnessed a situation in which children were removed from their home one week before Christmas and kept from their parents for a full month. The evidence for this removal was extremely weak, was ultimately forgotten and the parents cleared of any wrongdoing, but I expect that this incident, with its trauma, has caused long-term damage to the psyche of this family. This reprehensible, oppressive and unconstitutional practice should be outlawed by the Legislature, and the Deseret News should retract its previous opinion in its support.

Gary W. Hansen