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Temple Moments: Lifelong commitment

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For aging temple-goers, the "peaceable things of immortal glory" (Moses 6:61) found in the House of the Lord become more more relevant as time goes by.

Among these longtime temple patrons are Warren E. Hansen, 96, and his wife, Nellie Wadsworth Hansen, 97, of the Williamsburg Branch at the Williamsburg Retirement Center in Logan, Utah, who attend the temple as often as they can.

Sister Wadsworth, the organist for sacrament meeting, and Brother Hansen met at the retirement center. Both had lost their lifelong companions and both enjoyed each other's friendship. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple last year by Brother Hansen's son, President W. Eugene Hansen of the Salt Lake Temple and General Authority Emeritus, perhaps the oldest couple ever married in the Salt Lake Temple, and one of the few times a son has performed the ceremony for his father.

The two now spend their time together. She uses a magnifying glass to read to Brother Hansen, who has macular degeneration. She reads from the scriptures, or from Church magazines, or from uplifting books of fiction.

Going to the temple "is one of the basic securities we have," said Brother Hansen, a resident of the center for two years. He said the temple provides him with a "basic background of what I am preparing for" and reminds him "of the covenants I have made there. It is very essential to get an understanding [of the gospel] and get the testimony that comes through the Holy Ghost."

For Sister Hansen, a three-year resident of the center, the experience at the temple "is very vital. It is what makes life worthwhile — to think of the faith we have in our gospel." She said the temple "gives you a very peaceful, divine feeling. It absolutely has prepared us for the next life."

To younger couples whose lives are yet ahead, they recommend temple attendance. "Be a partaker of it, and get the blessings," said Brother Hansen.