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West, east share woes

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After reading the stories about Union Pacific reactivating their rail lines through the Poplar Grove/Glendale area and hearing the residents complain that if they lived on the east side, the rail lines would not be active, I am compelled to tell them that people on the east side have also been affected by opening rail lines.

Children in Midvale and Sandy have to cross active train tracks to go to school, just as children on Salt Lake's west side must do. While trains through Salt Lake's west side will travel at 30 mph, 12 times per day, the trains that run through our neighborhood travel at 50 mph every 15 minutes from 5 a.m. until midnight.

Yes, I'm talking about light-rail trains. UTA bought these lines from Union Pacific, which were used very infrequently before light rail, and now it has every right to run trains as they see fit, even though the trains are loud and cause traffic slowdowns.

Possession is 9/10th of the law, and Union Pacific owns the tracks on Salt Lake's west side. Poor city planning by Salt Lake School District, the city and homeowners is not the fault of Union Pacific, a company that provides hundreds of good-paying jobs in our community. Your community will survive, just as the neighborhoods of Sandy and Midvale have survived.

Karl Foster