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‘Cabbies’ includes 10 original plays

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Here are brief synopses of the 10 original plays being staged in Salt Lake Acting Company's "Cabbies, Cowboys and the Tree of the Weeping Virgin."

"Catch and Release," by David Kranes, features Donald Glover in a sequel to Kranes' acclaimed "Salmon Run," which premiered several years ago at SLAC. The brief follow-up focuses on a man named Patrick, who addresses the audience while donning a trout suit — ultimately enabling him to live the experience of a fish being caught and released. Directed by David Kirk Chambers.

"The Dome," by Mike Dorrell, featuring Colleen Baum as Peg, 19th century Irish midwife and Mormon convert. Directed by Valerie Kittel.

"Eager," by Mary Dickson, features Marylynn Alldredge as a young LDS woman whose departing missionary boyfriend has spread rumors about her. Directed by Mike Dorrell.

"The Gold Lunch," by Ron Carlson. This features Geoff Hansen in a satire based on the premise that lunching with one's ex-wife has become a new Olympic event. Directed by David Kirk Chambers.

"Incident at Thompson's Slough," by David Lee, features Brenda Sue Cowley and Michael Byron Boswell in what is described as "an inspired comic account of an accident in a small rural Utah town, in which more than a few reputations also end up in the ditch." Directed by Nancy Borgenicht.

"The Stigmata Incident," by Charlotte McQuinn Freeman, has local actress Jeanette Puhich as a Ph.D candidate trying to make sense of her own sudden reversion to Catholicism when confronted by a weeping representation of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a tree in a Salt Lake urban park. Directed by Mike Dorrell.

"To Ralph@Philly.com From Jonah@SLC.com," co-authored by David and Joe Borgenicht — a sort of "Love Letters" approach to a series of e-mails between two Jewish brothers, one who left Utah to live in Philadelphia and the other still in Salt Lake City. Directed by David Mong.

"The Unsettling," by Pete Rock, features Taylor Reed in what is described as "a mysterious and chilling monologue" about a young LDS girl drawn into a hallucinogenic world of meth and possible madness. Directed by David Mong.

"Water Lilies," by Julie Jensen, has Brenda Sue Cowley and Jeanette Puhich as Betty and Bella, two sisters who've had a long career as synchronized swimmers. Betty is determined to capture Olympic gold with their daring Double Mandible maneuver. Bella would just as soon move to the desert, far removed from any water. Directed by Keven Myhre.

"Where To?" by Jeff Metcalf, features Kurt Proctor as a sardonic Salt Lake cab driver who shares with his unwitting fares his pointed and witheringly funny observations about life along with Wasatch Front. Directed by Nancy Borgenicht.

The five plays that will be included in the commemorative book but not performed are Wendy Hammond's "The Story of Thaddeus Dopp," Sally Grave Jackson's "Circling Back," Russell Lees' "West Second South," J.T. Rogers' "Seven Lies of an Unbeliever" and Terry Tempest Williams' "The Promise of Parrots."