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Get in shape, America

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I recently read an article about the "fittest" and "fattest" cities in the country, and I am sorry to say that I don't think we can really call any city in this country "fit." America is probably one of the fattest and laziest counties in the world.

I understand how this could happen, though. How could America be fit when everywhere you look there are advertisements for triple cheeseburgers, extra cheesy pizzas and all sorts of fattening foods?

The New Year's resolution to lose weight is a good one but always seems to fail. The reason for this is people want to lose weight but don't want the work that comes with it.

Another popular way to lose weight is diet pills. Lose weight without exercise, and you can eat whatever you want. It seems perfect, but there are always some side effects. The only way to effectively lose weight is to stay away from the burgers and pizzas and get out there and jog a few blocks.

I think we owe it to our forefathers to get up and exercise. They fought battles, walked across the plains and built this country so we could have the freedoms that we do today. They didn't have the McDonald's located conveniently around the comer or the cars and the pizza delivery boy. They worked hard and cooked their own meals, why shouldn't we be able to? So, get up and run around the block a couple times, if not for yourself, then for them.

Laura Haber

Fruit Heights