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Media biases showing

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The letter from Leon Johnson deserves a response. The media are liberal. All you have to do is watch, listen and read. The Washington media voted 89 percent for Clinton because they are liberal and Democrat. Only 55 percent admit they are liberal because the rest of them do not think they are liberal; they think they are mainstream.

The vote for Clinton was not bipartisan and certainly was not a majority. Clinton got 42 percent in 1992 (that's 58 percent against) and 49 percent in 1996 (that's 51 percent against). What majority?

The Children's Health Insurance Plan, first of all, is socialist. Secondly, it taxes another group of people to pay for it. That other group is the smokers. Why should they be taxed to pay for a socialist program?

No proof of the things Clinton did? Let's see, lied, committed perjury, was held in contempt of court and got his law license yanked. Hmmmm.

Lastly, Democrats define themselves, no help needed from us Republicans. They are pro-abortion, pro-criminal, pro-big government, pro-more and -higher taxes, pro-welfare, anti-self protection and divisive.

Some people need to pay just a little bit more attention.

Garth Woolsey

West Bountiful