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What is beautiful?

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Everywhere we are assaulted by the image of beautiful people. They're on the front cover of our magazines, waltzing across the movie screen or on our televisions. There are also many who are walking around us.

We wanted to know what made a person beautiful, so we asked students at West Jordan High School to describe what they find attractive about the opposite sex. These are some of their responses:

"She has to have nice teeth. Pretty eyes are a big factor. I like shiny, silky, smooth hair. Legs are good." — Brandon Martian, senior

"Blond hair, blue eyes and buff." — Clarissa Radmall, sophomore

"I like guys with blue eyes and a lot of facial hair. Goatee. Sideburns, especially, big ones. And a great laugh." — Erin Hillstead, junior

"Definitely personality and cuteness. Cute uniqueness. You have to be precious." — Ben Banks, senior

"I think the thing that makes a person beautiful is their personality. I like it when a person is always talkative and always happy, even when they've had a bad day." — Michael Malmborg, senior

"I think what makes a person beautiful is their smile, because you can tell a lot about their personality, and it shows that they are a happy person." — Russell Bastian, junior

"What I think makes a guy hot is a great sense of humor." — Jenny Pedler, junior

"I think guys are attractive when they have big sea-green eyes." — April Kemp, junior

"I think what makes people beautiful is like their smile and their eyes." — Amy Barrus, sophomore

"I like pretty eyes. Pretty eyes make me happy." — Kristen Hintz senior

Kristi Green is a junior at West Jordan High School. If you are a student at a Utah high school and have a comment on this topic please send an e-mail to pulse@desnews.com or write to the Deseret News in care of Susan Whitney.