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Student seeks apology over treatment by FBI

SHARE Student seeks apology over treatment by FBI

NEW YORK (AP) — An Egyptian student who was charged with lying about an aviation radio found in his hotel room overlooking the World Trade Center wants an apology, an investigation and may file a lawsuit, his lawyer said.

Last week, federal prosecutors dropped charges against Abdallah Higazy, 30, who was accused of being linked to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks until another hotel guest emerged to say the radio was his — and the charges were dropped.

Higazy was charged in December with making false statements to investigators when he insisted he had never seen the handheld radio.

Higazy was held without bail for 30 days before being released. He said at the time that he forgave the FBI but has since changed his mind about the matter because "as sober reflection sets in, he realized how unfairly he was treated," Higazy's lawyer, Robert Dunn, told The New York Times in Monday's editions.