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Salt Lake police seek help in finding fur thief

SHARE Salt Lake police seek help in finding fur thief

Salt Lake police are asking for help in finding a fur thief.

Investigators believe the same man has broken into L'Ours Blanc Furs, 10 N. State, twice and stolen about $50,000 worth of fur coats and jackets.

The first break-in was Nov. 17, and the second was Dec. 7. A man caught on the store's video surveillance camera riding up to the store on a bicycle broke through the glass door on one occasion and the front windows on another, said Salt Lake detective Frank Werner.

Even though the store has been a popular target for animal rights activists for the past five years, Werner did not believe they were responsible for the thefts. Animal rights activists usually want publicity for what they've done, he said. So far, there has been no sign of the furs.

Police are looking for a man about 5-foot-8, medium build, dark hair with hair receding on the sides.

A reward of $3,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the man. Anyone with information is asked to call 799-INFO.