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Limit ‘distraction’ laws

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I read your article in the Jan. 10 Deseret News last night titled "Distracted drivers beware," and was completely amazed at Rep. Kory Holdaway's comments. He said that 4,400 people died in the entire United States last year as a result of distracted drivers and that even one such accident was too many.

As an ex-law enforcement officer, I can, with some experience, state that the great majority of accidents are caused by distracted drivers. At least 65-70 percent of all accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted for one reason or another.

It is amazing that it is OK and acceptable for one or two people to be killed by TRAX, but one accident (whether fatal or not) is too much, according to Rep. Holdaway. I do not understand his logic. There are more traffic laws on the books now than the law enforcement officers can enforce, and to add one more is ridiculous.

Again, let's worry about DUIs and other more important matters rather than to try to figure out more ways to make life more difficult for the drivers. When I used to investigate an accident caused by what Rep. Holdaway refers to as distracted driving, we used to call it improper lookout, which laws are in abundance in the state already. Another such law would be completely redundant.

Melvin R. Wright

Salt Lake City