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Utah is growing too fast

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The report that Utah's population continues to swell isn't good news ("Tooele growth spurt is biggest," Jan. 12). At its current growth rate, Utah, the fourth-fasting growing state in the United States, will double in size by 2027 and triple by 2050.

The state is already suffering the effects of overpopulation. Utah's fields, pastures and orchards are being paved over to accommodate population growth.

Northern Utah water districts face upcoming water restrictions because of the demands of a growing population. Population growth is overcrowding schools, threatening the environment and causing residents to spend more time in traffic and less with their families.

It's vital that Utah begin a statewide dialogue about where its population trends are taking it — before its magnificent natural resources and famed quality of life are squandered.

Sharon McCloe Stein,

executive director

Negative Population Growth