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SUV often the only option

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I am writing in response to Royce Johnson's letter that appeared in the Readers' Forum on Jan. 15. He says, "The SUV is the most popular form of transportation for moms everywhere. They don't just use them for hauling the kids around, they also use them when they are by themselves."

My husband and I own two vehicles, an SUV that is large enough to hold our family of eight and a small car that he drives to work.

Mr. Johnson, there are not enough hours in the day for me to sit home waiting for my turn to use the "economical car" to run my errands. My older children are capable of tending for me, yet are you suggesting that I load up all six of my kids every time I have to go somewhere just to justify driving the only vehicle available to me? Don't suggest that we buy a third, smaller car for me to do my running around in because, while we are able to provide for our large family, it is not in the budget to buy another car.

I am aware of the gas situation. Therefore, I plan my errands so I am not driving more than I have to and I do use the more economical car when it is available. I hope that next time you see me driving my SUV and I happen to be alone, you will be a little slower to pass judgement.

Suzanne Kirk