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Rocky crucial to TRAX

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Several recent letters to the editor have wrongfully criticized Mayor Anderson for opposing the University TRAX extension. In truth, the line would never have happened if it had not been for Anderson's enthusiastic support.

Just two days after Anderson had been elected, the Salt Lake City Council voted 4-3 in opposition to the project. Rocky immediately plunged into an intense but collaborative working relationship with all of the relevant players, tirelessly working through difficult issues concerning the 400 South TRAX line and coming up with a workable product that resulted in the City Council unanimously reversing itself.

Next, Mayor Anderson heavily lobbied the Washington, D.C., decisionmakers until funding for the line was secured. He continues to press for funds for TRAX extension to the Medical Center, as well as for Commuter Rail and the Intermodal Hub.

The public is often similarly misinformed regarding the basis for Rocky's opposition to the Legacy Highway. He has made it clear that he is strongly supportive of much-needed transportation solutions for the residents of Davis and Weber Counties. He is convinced that extending light rail and constructing commuter to the north would serve residents in all three neighboring counties far better than by building an outrageously expensive highway, through sensitive wetlands, that would only exacerbate the problems of auto dependence.

The University TRAX line is a perfect example of how we should be building transportation systems to meet modern needs. We have Mayor Anderson and many other dedicated public servants to thank for its existence.

Mary H. Gracia

Salt Lake City