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Oly ticket bidding going, going, gone

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The furious Olympics ticket-bidding wars on eBay will come to a screeching halt Thursday.

The Salt Lake Organizing Committee decided to yank its tickets from eBay on Thursday because it is so close to the Winter Games.

"We've talked with eBay and decided that now was the time to discontinue using eBay with the Games so close," Caroline Shaw, spokeswoman for SLOC, said.

Ticket prices shot through the roof on eBay with eager bidders raising the price by thousands of dollars. Ticket sales have garnered SLOC more than $1 million, said Mitt Romney, SLOC president. He also said the majority of the proceeds would go toward funding the Paralympics.

Forty-eight pairs of tickets remain to events such as ladies' free program figure skating, men's gold medal ice hockey and freestyle aerials men's final. SLOC has sold 88 percent of the tickets it has available.

Tickets can still be purchased through other venues. Ticket brokers and individuals selling tickets on eBay are still a viable option. SLOC will also be selling tickets by phone, 1-800-TICKETS, and on www.saltlake2002.com.