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Prince’s TV firm denies it staged expatriate show

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Prince Edward's television production company, Ardent, on Wednesday denied a tabloid allegation that it staged a documentary about British expatriates in Singapore.

"The allegations are false," said Ardent's spokesman Malcolm Cockren.

The Mirror reported Wednesday that the program, "X-Pats," which purported to reveal the debauched lifestyles of Britons living in Singapore, was based on fabricated interviews and acting.

It quoted a British businessman named Corin Greenhow as saying his misbehavior was staged. "X-Pats" showed him urinating in the street, boasting of sexual encounters and talking to an interviewer while a naked woman ironed his clothes in the background.

The Mirror said Edward, youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II, approved the script and helped coordinate the sale of the show to Britain's Channel 5, which aired the program last summer.

"Edward had nothing to do with this program," Cockren said. "He was working on other productions at the time."