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If you have been driving down 3rd West near South Temple, you've seen it. It is a building with some squiggly things on the outside. What is it?

Downtown Salt Lake City continues to change. Streets blocked, and those big tents are popping up everywhere!

And a lot of people have been wondering what is going on at one -particular tent. If you've seen it downtown, looks a little weird. But, if it made you -look - that's the idea.

So you're driving down Third West and you see another Olympic tent going up, but this one has some squiggly things on the outside, so you think what the heck is it? Well it's pretty cool. Listen up.

Some say they look like snowboards. Some say waves. Whatever. The few that look like video screens, are exactly that. The others are the framework for something that will take a little imagination, but given the name of the design group, that's OK.

"The design inspiration for the shape itself comes from the idea of warmth and protection," said Bernard Liebov of Imagination Design. "And from a down jacket,the ribs of a down jacket.

Now all of this is for Samsung electronics. Liebov says it's interactive advertising. A media center for the public. But you don't have to actually be inside to get in on high tech fun, but you do have to run into one of Samsung's performance squads. They'll be equipped to take your picture and get your message to an operator who puts both up on the big screen for the world to see.

"People leave the most inspirational and fun messages," Liebov said. "Obviously these messages will be screened before they go up on the boards."

The inside is under construction, but will carry the Olympic theme to the max. Agility, style, and speed, all in a phone. Imagine that. Also, although not an offical Olympic event, they will even have it set up so you can have a snowball fight with a phone. What?

"People will be able to play a digital snowfight. They'll be able to sit around the table and make snowballs on this P.E.A phone. And actually lob them at each other," Liebov said.

So the faces you see now probably aren't your friends or family members, but during the Olympics they could be, and look! I'm famous.

Imagination Design has done similar projects all over the world.