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Give protests a rest

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I protest! I protest the protesters! Their causes are old and have been addressed as much as it is possible to do. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Their tactics will disrupt and cause more security and personnel problems.

I also protest all those who have whined and complained since the beginning about a very special event that will never happen again taking place in our city! Such a short period of time. We can surely be intelligent, courteous and excited for that long!

I protest newspapers and media that present endless "what if" scenarios and impending doom at every corner. We want to hear all the neat, positive things that are going on all around us. Except for the ugly, messy construction everywhere uptown, the murals on the buildings are breathtaking and the lights on the street beautiful.

So give it a rest! And "let the Games begin."

Marilyn White

West Valley City