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Thank you, Mr. Grant

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I would like to give kudos of the special "Western" kind to an Olympic soldier who has been quietly and vigorously going about his assignment. This he has done to make Utah's 2002 Olympic experience a rewarding and special memory for us all.

Raymond T. Grant is the artistic director of the Cultural Olympiad. His charge to bring together a commingling of the arts and cultures of the world and the American West truly commands attention.

The Olympic Arts Festival began on Sept. 15, 2001, and continues until March 17, 2002. The arts create for us a sense of pride. The cultural programs identify and celebrate Utah and its heritage. Together, the mix of Mr. Grant's hard work highlights the contributions of the United States in the arts and embraces the culture of the American West.

He has brought forward an impressive schedule of inspiring art, dance, music, film, poetry and culture, just to mention a few, that will entertain us all. He made an extra effort to focus on the heart of western America, the American Indian and the cowboy. The song, dance, poetry and traditional activities of the American West will be outstanding presentations.

His tireless efforts to organize the Cultural Olympiad have inspired communities throughout Utah to sponsor Olympic events and activities for the culture enrichment of our children and adults alike.

Mr. Grant, Utah thanks you for your hard and dedicated work to make this the best Olympics ever.

Dannie R. McConkie

Chairman, Davis County Commission