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Homebuilding ban on county lines stalls

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A bill that would prevent any more homes from being built on county lines has stalled in the Senate.

HB20 was intended to be a "stopgap" until a constitutional amendment allowing minor adjustments to county boundaries could be passed, bill sponsor Rep. Dave Hogue, R-Riverton, said.

The bill was drafted this summer primarily because developers of the SunCrest housing project above Draper refused to voluntarily avoid building on the county line.

"We asked very simply . . . that they have a self-moratorium until we could resolve this issue," Hogue said. "The response was no, they were going to move ahead."

The bill had passed the House of Representatives Monday but did not have much support Thursday when it reached the Senate's State and Local Affairs Standing Committee. There, legislators worried that the bill would only punish only developers for a problem caused by a multitude of parties, including local governments. "I don't think there is one party at fault, but this is putting the punishment all on one group," Sen. Al Mansell, R-Sandy, said.

SunCrest representatives worried that prohibiting homes on a county line would remove the incentive for cities and counties to resolve the issue. As many as 94 homes could be built on the Salt Lake-Utah county line by the end of this summer.