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Coca-Cola to use TRAX station

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The Utah Transit Authority will make a quick $20,000 by allowing Coca-Cola to use its Delta Center TRAX station during the Olympics.

The station, which won't be operational for TRAX service during the Olympics, will be used by the Olympic sponsor as the entrance to its pin-trading center during the Games.

Both the Delta Center station and the station at Temple Square will be unused during the Olympics for security reasons.

UTA spokesman Kris McBride said allowing Coke to use the station transfers liability to the company, which is a good thing for UTA.

"It puts us in a better position" since the station won't be used during the Games, he said. Coca-Cola will be responsible for maintenance of the station.

The UTA board of trustees voted unanimously Wednesday to allow Coca-Cola to use the station. Commercial use of stations is against UTA policy and would not be permitted if the station were operational during the Games.

Coca-Cola will be setting up a tent that will cover part of the roadway and will have platforms for performers.