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2 LDS women lost in fire

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LIMA, Peru — A pair of LDS women lost and presumed dead in a massive fire in Lima, Peru, have been identified.

Missing are:

Vitelia Gricel Iman, 20.

Ada Rosario Cconoc, 24.

Both Sister Iman and Sister Cconoc are members of the Lima Peru Las Palmeras Stake. Sister Iman is a member of the Palermo Ward, while Sister Cconoc is from the Puente Piedra Ward.

No other local Church members or full-time missionaries were harmed in the Dec. 29 fire that is believed to have claimed the lives of almost 300 people in a commercial section of Lima.

The fire reportedly started when a large firecracker, lit apparently as a test on a street, ignited dozens of nearby fireworks stands. The ensuing fire destroyed four blocks of tenements and shopping galleries in less than five minutes.