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Questions, comments and thoughts about Windows XP, Part 2.

Question: I just installed Windows XP and there are no drivers for my scanner available. The company that made it has gone out of business. What do I do?

Answer: Likely buy another scanner, trade with someone using Windows 98 or try to find a driver that will work. Many off-brand scanners are just relabeled ones made by many overseas firms. Look in the Usenet newsgroups (try groups.google.com) and search for your scanner maker's name and "XP" and see if someone else has solved your issue.

Remember, the manufacturers of devices make drivers, not Microsoft.

Question: Ever since I installed XP, I think my video looks much worse but it is supposed to be much better.

Answer: Same thing happened to me. Once I reinstalled the video card's driver from the video card maker's Web site (in my case nVidia), my video performed much, much better.

Question: Neither Quake III nor Return to Castle Wolfenstein runs after installing XP.

Answer: I had the same issue. Went away after I reinstalled my video card drivers.

Question: My main issue with XP was with my CD burner. Worked fine under Windows 98, but won't work under Windows XP at all. I went to the Roxio Web site and they don't plan to offer an upgrade to Version 4.

Answer: You are correct. Easy CD Creator, which was bundled with many CD recorders, does not work correctly with XP. Roxio (formerly called Adaptec) says you must upgrade to Version 5.

Roxio wants $100 for it (more than XP), but currently is offering $50 in rebates on its Web site. It also is offering a time-limited free download so you can get back to burning right away. This is not limited to Roxio. Many software makers are not updating old versions of their software.

Question: I recently built a computer (Abit KG-7 Raid motherboard and Athlon 1800XP processor) and loaded XP on it.I had several installation problems but managed to work through them — and I love XP! It's solid, doesn't hang up like Windows 95 and 98 did, and if you do mess up, you've always got your "restore points" to go back to.

Answer: Yes, System Restore is a nice feature, allowing you to "turn back time" if something goes haywire. I usually manually create a restore point before any major installation of hardware or software.

Question: Getting the Sound Blaster 16 sound card to work with XP was frustrating. I tried multiple reloads, clean installs, reformatting and various update configurations before discovering the "Add New Hardware" option for nonplug-and-play devices. I could not merely load the built-in driver without first navigating the required "Add New Hardware."

Answer: I had nearly the same issue with Windows Me with an old Soundblaster Awe 64 ISA soundcard. Never did get it to work correctly, but the Add New Hardware wizard in XP works miracles in some cases.

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James Derk is new media editor for The Evansville Courier & Press. His e-mail address is jderk@evansville.net.