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Prodigal feline returns after 6 years on the lam

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NORTHPORT, Mich. (AP) — After six years on the road, Gulliver the cat is home.

The intrepid feline had run off when Sheri Sutherland was cat-sitting for her sister, Susan Stebbins, in 1996. The sisters did everything they could to find Gulliver.

Her sister moved to Nebraska, and Sutherland eventually stopped feeling embarrassed about losing her sister's cat. Then a phone call came last week.

A neighbor was looking for the owners of a big orange cat that had been hanging around the house. Sutherland and her husband saw the animal and knew it was Gulliver, based on surgical scars they recognized.

Gulliver is thinner and bedraggled but otherwise seems healthy. Sutherland said when she told her sister that Gulliver's travels had come to an end, she "completely flipped out."