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Businesses fear traffic trouble

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Where do I park? How do I get there? What do I do about deliveries? Those are just a few Olympic questions downtown business owners and employees have.

The first wave of street barricades and fences went up last week, at eight different sites around downtown Olympic venues.

Friday, you'll have to plan around two more.

Westbound 100 South from Main Street to West Temple will be restricted to one lane.

And Eastbound South Temple, between West Temple and 200 West will be shut down all together until after the Games.

Meantime, downtown businesses got an Olympic transportation update.

The Olympics are really starting to be felt here downtown, as businesses are beginning to put concrete plans into place about how to deal with the Olympic-sized crowds.


Official Olympic Transportation Website

Olympic Transportation Information from SLOC


Salt Lake Road Closures

KSL TrafficLink Cameras

Needless to say, folks are expressing a variety of opinions. Some think it won't be bad ? others are bracing themselves for the worst.

Downtown Salt Lake City:

Preparations are moving ahead at brakeneck speed to get this zone ready.

Meantime, planners are trying to get downtown businesses mentally prepared for the extravaganza.

Thursday, a transportation update for roughly 150 people.

The main message: Study the Olympic transportation guide and Web sites religiously.

And, be patient.

But some are already at wit's end.

Consider businesses located here ? 3rd West between 2nd and 3rd South.

Their parking lot has been rented out during the Games, leaving dozens of workers trying to map out how they'll get to work and to meetings with clients.

Lisa Cover/Small Business Manager: "We're going to have 10,000 people down here and they are all going to be down here. This area is going to be impacted more than any other."

Others are more optimistic, saying they've heard that traffic during some previous Olympics was actually not as bad as expected.

Kelly Kirkham/Zions Securities Employee: "I think it'll happen, it'll work. It's not going to be too bad."

Kirk Jenkins/EM Services Inc.: "I think they're doing the best they can. I don't think they can really predict service issues, when you're going to have a problem with a piece of equipment or whatever."

Rock Whiting/Pro-Alert Security Systems: "Bottom line is we're creatures of patterning and conditioning. Bottom line is if we don't plan ahead of time, we're going to go into some serious pain."

But with warnings that 6000 parking spaces will be lost to the Olympics during the Games, some downtown businesses say they'll be scrambling to stay afloat.

Lisa Cover/Small Business Manager: "They're not taking care of the local businesses. It's all about the spectators that are coming here. Ya know. All those money in bribes. We should've lived here for a year for this inconvenience."

You're hearing this over and over, but Olympic transportation people are telling everyone to get a copy the Olympic transportation guide.