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Murderer asks for parole, move to N.Y.

‘A little burglary that went wrong,’ Oniskor says

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Edward Oniskor has spent more than 30 years in jail for what he calls "a little burglary that went wrong."

"Look, I was a very sick person," Oniskor, 54, said at a hearing Thursday before the State Board of Pardons and Parole. "I wanted to watch somebody die."

On New Year's Day 1971, 53-year-old Lucille Pierren left a party and was last seen around 2:30 a.m. Her landlord found her raped body inside her burglarized apartment, which was padlocked from the outside. She had been suffocated with a pillow.

When officers arrested Oniskor, he had the key to the padlock and Pierren's ring, a gift from her estranged husband that had the birthstones of their eight children.

During the hearing, Oniskor, who was convicted of first degree murder and received a life sentence, alternately admitted guilt and deferred responsibility for his actions.

Therapist Phillip Hansen said Oniskor was stressed because of the parole hearing and that Oniskor had shown remorse previously when he was calmer. "I don't think that's going to come out today, but I wanted to mention it," Hansen said.

"I feel very bad," Oniskor interjected.

Oniskor suggested that instead of more prison time, he could go to a halfway program in his native New York, where he could find a job. He said he would also like to take a class in real estate from Brigham Young University because the business is thriving in Utah.

Board member Don Blanchard told Oniskor that he would stay in prison until he died unless he could learn to consistently control his behavior in prison.

"You don't look at the good things," Oniskor said. He said he has a certificate from the LDS Institute of Religion for time spent in the program, and he has received a letter from an inmate's father, thanking Oniskor for having a positive effect on the man's son.

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