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Oly tickets mismanaged

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The Olympic Games are less than two weeks away, and they are already ruined for many Utahns. I was one of the 100 people who obtained a wristband at the Smith'sTix at 4100 South and 5600 West in West Valley City on Monday, Jan. 7. I was also one of the around 40 wristband people who did not receive any tickets when we returned on Thursday, Jan. 10, to pick up tickets. You see, the "magic" number was 45, so most of the people who had waited the longest in line to get a wristband and had numbers 1-44 were denied receiving any tickets at all, but people who had arrived last, 45-100, did get four tickets each.

The people who waited in line for hours in the cold on Monday to get tickets were thrilled to think that they would be able to participate in our Olympic Games. To see the medals ceremony and a concert would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So we got up early, we braved the cold, and we did exactly what SLOC said we needed to do to get tickets. The SLOC Web site says that if you get a wristband, then you will receive four tickets to a medals ceremony and concert. SLOC lied. When the very rude Smith'sTix employee laughingly told the around 40 remaining people "the tickets are all gone, go home!" we were stunned.

If SLOC cannot coordinate giving out the medal and concert tickets without creating a nightmare for local residents, I shudder to think of the mess we are all going to be in when the Games actually start.

Robert Hansen

West Valley City