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Please, boycott S.L.

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Leaders along the northern Wasatch Front are asking their citizens to boycott Salt Lake City because of the stance Mayor Rocky Anderson has taken regarding the Legacy Highway.

As a resident of Salt Lake City, I say, please do. If the construction of Legacy Highway is allowed to continue, then the commute time into Salt Lake City from the north will probably decrease for a couple of years. At least, it will decrease until you have to exit the highway. Once you get off the highway, you will have to deal with all the other cars that are exiting both I-15 and the Legacy Highway.

Our surface streets cannot handle the increase in traffic. More cars will be stuck, idling in traffic, polluting the air in Salt Lake City. And you guys think Anderson should not have a say in the project? He is the one, as mayor of Salt Lake City, who will take the heat for the increase in traffic congestion, the increase in air pollution and the decline of our streets.

Maybe the residents of Davis and Weber Counties should be upset with their leaders. Their leaders have been the ones who have failed to attract enough quality jobs, decent shopping and cultural experiences. Sandy, Midvale and other communities in Utah and Salt Lake Counties have done a good job in providing these opportunities to their residents.

No wonder our neighbors to the north want to travel to the Salt Lake Valley every day.

Nick Norris

Salt Lake City