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Don’t support Israel

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Imagine this: You are trying to live peacefully with your family when a battalion of foreign soldiers invades your neighborhood. They bulldoze your home, shoot your children and treat your neighbors in kind. After you move away, they build homes for their own people where you once lived peacefully with your family.

This is the same nightmare that the people of Palestine are constantly reliving. We Americans criticize those nations that we deem as "sponsoring terrorism," yet we supply the Israeli government with the equipment and money it needs to commit acts of terror against Palestinians on a regular basis. It makes me wonder what makes the Northern Alliance soldier firing bullets at the Taliban a friend, while the Palestinian teenager throwing rocks at invading soldiers is labeled a terrorist by our government?

As Americans, we must stop holding the world to a double standard. We need to realize that criticizing the policies of the Israeli government is not the same thing as being anti-Semitic. We need to send Israel the same message that we sent Mohammed Omar: We will not tolerate terrorism and oppression.

Patrick L. Hadley

Salt Lake City