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Distracted-driving bill heads to the full House

SHARE Distracted-driving bill heads to the full House

A bill on distracted driving will go to the House floor for a vote after it was approved by the House Transportation Standing Committee Tuesday.

HB67 would make inattentive driving an infraction with a fine of no more than $50. An individual could only be cited for distracted driving if pulled over for another offense.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Kory Holdaway, R-Taylorsville, said the bill is a step toward improving safety on Utah's roads.

"I'm just trying to get something through to increase awareness of the public," he said. "The primary responsibility should be safe operation of the vehicle."

Holdaway added amendments to the bill to make an exception for hands-free devices for cell phones and add adjusting the car radio as a possible infraction. Other possible infractions include using a phone, computer or fax; attending to personal hygiene or grooming; eating, drinking or smoking; changing articles of clothing; physically attending to a passenger; and observing a television or video display.