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Olympic village ready for visitors

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The world starts arriving this week. The first team of athletes will officially check in on Tuesday.

It is called the happy song - and next week, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe from Idaho will perform the traditional welcome to the first arriving team. The atmosphere now on this historic Ft. Douglas campus is definitely all Olympic. The rooms are ready.

This dorm right now is ready for team Canada. Four athletes will be sleeping in here. On each bed, a personalized Olympic package including these homemade blankets made by Utah school kids. this one is from Tate, age nine.

The athletes will have their own shops - and this exclusive club - providing concerts at night and pin trading by day. Food - everything from full meals to fast foods. Olympic skeleton slider Lincoln DeWitt climbed scaffolding and signed his name above the McDonalds outlet.

"The first thing we saw was the security which looks great," DeWitt said. "I think everyone will be glad to see that."

Athletes can hear from their fans at a Cybercenter. The fan can send a visual personalized message to an athlete or team of choice from any Gateway Center.

So the Village is finished and waiting. Except for competition, if athletes don't want to go downtown - they can just stay here and have everything they need.

Three-thousand-five-hundred athletes and officials will stay at Olympic Village. When you add staff and personnel, the population grows to about 12,000 people.