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Gold Cup was transportation dry run

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With just 12 days to go this is information you've heard before, but it's information as priceless as the event tickets you hold in your hand.

Getting to the games will be no easy task. The key to success is to allow yourself plenty of time.

SLOC: Transportation Website

Includes information on public transportation, getting to venues, etc.

Well we've had sort of a dry run at one of the venues. The Gold Cup at Deer Valley saw Olympic size crowds. Getting up to the venue on time did prove to be a challange for some, but it also proved park and ride really works.

They are some of the toughest tickets to come by - amazing aerialists, maximum air on a mogul run. Events you don't want to miss because you didn't budget your time.

"The event was scheduled to be over at 8:30 and we had people still walking up the hill at 8:30," said Chuck English, director of mountain operations at Deer Valley Resort. "Lots of people. They realized the event was over when the stadium emptied and everyone was going the other way."

On New Year's eve some 15,000 people crammed in and around the new Olympic Stadium at Deer Valley resort.

"Crowd wise it was equivalent to what we'll see," English said. "In fact, we think there was probably more people at the gold cup that evening, new years eve, than originally sloc had planned to allow into the venue."

The event provided a perfect trial run for the venue and for the new SLOC park and ride transportation system.

The resort handled the crowd just fine, but spectators may have underestimated the time needed to get to the venue. Allow at least 4 hours to get up Parley's Canyon into the Park City Area. The Park and Ride shuttles run 22 hours a day from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Remember, cars won't be an option into the venues or onto Main Street. And Organizers will tell you in order for the Games to run smoothly, the public has to use public transportation.

"For the men's and women's aerial event is a one hour event. It's the men's and women's finals and I think it's from 12:00 to 1:00. So if your late, it's over," English said.

The park and ride lot is located off of U.S.-40. You want to take I-80 east to the Silver Creek exit.

Remember, The Mountain Venue Express Bus is booked at a lot of key times for key events. So again, the park and ride system is going to be your only option.

The big thing is you have to know before you go to any venue, do your homework.

Incidentally, they are expecting about 20,000 people a day up in Park City, and that doesn't necessarily include the people going to events. That's just people wanting to enjoy the scene.