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Gore far from combat

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This is in reply to the letter of Virginia Silcox that appeared in the Dec. 20 editorial page giving Al Gore credit he is not entitled to and torturing the truth just a little where President Bush's National Guard service is concerned.

Like others who would rewrite history to serve their particular bias, Ms. Silcox is a little careless with the historical facts. Rather than Bush having a soft job in the Texas National Guard as she implies, he became a combat-ready pilot of an F-14 jet fighter.

On the other hand, Al Gore was a "journalism" college graduate and son of a powerful senator, Al Gore Sr. Al Jr. was assigned to a rear-echelon unit where he was to chronicle the salient events that occurred during his abbreviated term.

He didn't get close enough to combat to even hear gunfire, and contrary to Silcox, Gore did not serve a full term in Vietnam but with help from his dad's political pals was rotated back to the United States three months short of a full term.

Howard A. Matthews