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Vote yes on sewer bond

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On Tuesday, Feb. 5, Sandy residents within the boundaries of Sandy Suburban Improvement District will have the opportunity to approve or reject a general obligation bond by going to the district's office and casting a secret ballot.

My worst fear is that people will not take the time to inform themselves about this issue, or simply ignore this opportunity to make a difference. Like others in the south end of the valley, the Sandy suburban sewer district has been affected by the growth and development of the past 20 years. That growth demands more services, and those services cost money.

Normally, we don't think much about the sewer until it's backing up in our basements. Feb. 5 is a day to think about it. The growth of the area has required expansion of the South Valley treatment plant and expansion of the services Sandy Suburban provides to homes and businesses in the area. The economic reality of this growth requires sewer districts to pay greater fees, hire more people, buy more trucks and build larger facilities to house these services.

It's all expensive, but it's cheap compared to dealing with raw sewage backing up in our homes, schools and businesses. It's worth a "yes" vote on Feb. 5.

Mark E. Hurst

trustee, Sandy Suburban Improvement District