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Skip the attacks, please

SHARE Skip the attacks, please

I am continuously both amused and saddened by the arguments put forth by concealed weapons advocates such as Trenton Hansen. It is unfortunate that Mr. Hansen and others cannot state their case without throwing in an opening attack on liberals.

The fact is that no matter how much fear-filled emotion these people want to inject into the argument, liberals cannot take away any rights that are guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court is given the responsibility to determine if laws restricting the ownership and use of weapons violate those guarantees. Fortunately, in its wisdom, our Supreme Court has not found that common sense restrictions violate our constitutional rights.

In the end, the issue of carrying concealed weapons by untrained civilians into classrooms, hospitals and the workplace should be settled by common sense. The thought of our children's lives being endangered by these untrained, although law-abiding citizens, over some idiotic idealism about a gun is abhorrent to the great majority of Utahns. You don't have to be liberal or a conservative to see that it is just plain stupid.

Timothy W. May