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Following old footsteps?

SHARE Following old footsteps?

In my efforts to appreciate life, I read the newspapers. Also, to balance the present events with the past, I am studying the Old Testament.

I use dictionaries and found recently in the Bible dictionary the events of the eighth century B.C.

Here was listed "First Olympiad" (776 B.C.) along with "Rome founded . . . Isaiah begins to prophesy . . . Zechariah . . . Micah . . . Amos . . . Jonah . . . Hosea . . . Joel prophesies," all known men in some work of peaceful progress.

Trade was going on as it is today. Was it the beginning of the Western world's effort of friendly competition and better living on the earth? Can we appreciate and celebrate in Salt Lake City another effort of world peace in sports, trade, government and trusting in God, as was reported 2,700 years ago? I hope so.

Malcolm Koch