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Ticket system is unfair

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I was impressed by Lee Benson's recent column "Concerts rock, rule over S.L. Olympics." He spoke from my heart. Mitt Romney changed the ticket distribution at Smith'sTix because he did not want people to stand in line for very long times, even overnight, as it had happened on the first day. Now we have the same situation at Hallmark.

Young people, mainly interested in the concerts, will stand in line next Saturday for many hours and will snap up the relatively few tickets available at each Hallmark location.

Well, I am not interested in the concerts and cannot comprehend that those who want to attend the medals ceremonies have to be in competition for tickets with herds of concert fans.

I am a senior citizen who cannot wait in line overnight, and many others are in the same position. My age group would like to participate, too. I bought a whole bunch of tickets at full price for a number of events. Now I request equal opportunity to attend at least one of the medal ceremonies.

The current distribution plan, which requires competition with concert enthusiasts, is unfair and discriminatory! This problem is caused by the decision of SLOC to have the awarding of Olympic medals serve as warm-up for the so-called concerts.

Armin P. Langheinrich

Salt Lake City