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Liberals, guns a bad mix

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Marjorie Cortez, in her editorial "Concealed-gun permits mustn't be a free-for-all," again demonstrates why people on the left shouldn't own guns. As she ponders why anyone would need a gun permit, her answer is that with a gun she could (1) cut in front of others in the grocery store or concert ticket line; (2) not have to wait for a table in a restaurant; (3) threaten her kid's schoolteacher for not giving proper grades.

Now, I realize Ms. Cortez was tongue-in-cheek when she used these examples, but I propose that to even think of these examples as an excuse to carry a gun demonstrates to me that Ms. Cortez should probably not be allowed to own one. Perhaps these deep-seated frustrations would explode should she be armed. People on the left often fantasize of all the evil things people would do if they were somehow armed and able to defend themselves. In reality, they are probably afraid of what they themselves would do if they were armed.

Rob Luke